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Welcome to my new home page! Despite doing web programming for over 4 years, I somehow never had a home page of my own. But I finally broke down, and la-dah, here it is! It really isn't about anything in particular, just a bunch of photos, odds and ends, and anything uslesses that strikes my fancy.

Frequently Asked Questions
So many people have asked me about my handle SabaSushi (which I use for AOL Instant Messenger, et cetera) that I thought I'd include a special FAQ section here.
Q: Just what is a saba-sushi, anyway?
A: Saba is Japanese for "mackerel", and a saba-sushi is (guess what) a sushi roll with a slice of marinated mackerel on the top. It is one of my favorite sushi because unlike some of the more popular sushi, it is a very tasty sushi, IMHO.
Q: Why did I pick SabaSushi as my handle?
A: I used to go by "Ms. Pepper" (a take-off of a certain soft drink), but I was starting to get tired of it, as I'd been using it since mid-Eighties. In 1998, after eating at sushi bars almost weekly, I decided to change my handle to SabaSushi.
Q: But why Sabasushi?
A: 1) Because it's unique, darn it!
2) I can sign on anywhere with that handle without having to append some number like "666" to it.
3) It makes for a great conversation starter.
4) It has a nice ring to it.
Q: Who has the best saba sushi?
A: Sushi Tora in downtown Boulder, Colorado! 'Nuff said. :-)
Be sure to check out my cat pictures. They are really cool cats. (In my opinion, anyway.) After all, they inspired me to start this home page.

If you ever got bored looking at my cat pictures, there's my photo album, containing my wedding photos, old school pictures and other pictures worthy for gathering blackmail material.

Finally, there is the Et Cetera page where you can find all sorts of things like my writings, my favorite links, et cetera.

I suppose I should tell a bit more about myself. I live in Westminster, CO with a software developer/photographer/musician posing as my husband.

I work for (formerly QuickInfo Corporation.) My position there is "Software Architect" which is just a fancy title for a computer programmer (especially someone who is overqualified to be a senior programmer but doesn't want to be a manager or CTO or whatever. :-) )

Got questions, raves or rants? Email 'em to me.

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